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The theater district is the oldest of districts in regards to the amount of original architecture that is still standing. Once a highly dense residential district for humankinds last hope, dozens of homes and buildings have since been gutted and combined to become make-shift theaters and "interesting" places of business. There are some high-end, newer and socially acceptable theaters to attend in the district, specifically in the north quarter, but of all of Our-Commons, this is the one place where the law turns a bit of a blind-eye upon what has been deemed necessary diversions and indulgence of the people.

- Temple to Kaine

- Theaters

- Fine Food

Tremont Street Café (Diner/Baker)
Before & After Diner

- Fine Lodging

Shining Star

- Average Food

Happy Endings (Baker)
* Curtain Call Café (Baker)
* Friends & Family (Diner)

- Average Lodging

The Orchestra Pit (Bar / Inn)
* Quiet Night (Family Inn)
* Merchant’s Rest (Inn)

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