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Temple is at the heart of the city, it is a place of legend and therefore the holiest place in all of Safe-haven. Over the last few centuries, the remnants of all of the old housing structures which were stacked one on top of the other were removed from a much more peaceful and tranquil a district. As the place where all religion is centered, it  is the cleanest, most serene and most guarded of areas. People without business here are quickly spirited away to outside districts.

- Central Church of Kaine (Spire)-T1

Cremation Chamber

- Fine Lodging

(1)High Priest-T5
* (5)Cardinals-T6
* (14)Ministers-T7[/list]

- Average Lodging

Under the Cloth-T2
* Bed and a Warm Cup-T9[/list]

- Fine Services

In Kaine's Light (Religious Historian & Sage / Religious Shop)-TB
* Clean Linen (Laundry and Cleaning Service)-TB
* Below Bent Knee (Cobbler)-TB
* Celvor's Acquisition (General Store with Fine Goods)-T3[/list]

- Average Services

Water of the People (Alchemist)-TB
* The Second Quill (Scribe & Bookbinding Services)-TB
* The Catalog (Sage Service / Historical Library)-TB
* Safe Haven Attorney at Law – Office II-TB[/list]

- Average Food

Catch of the Day (Lunch/Dinner – Seafood)-TB
* The Morning Bread (Breakfast)-T4[/list]

- Average Residences

(40) Clergy-T8[/list]

Revised Feb 23 '08

Map key tags added (-T#) on 02.23.08


Note: Click on the small map below to get a new screen with a better representation of the map. Maximize the new screen for full detail.

This is a preliminary draft of the heart of the city, showing the Temple District, representing about 10% of the entire city area. Note I am working on the outer districts now, so you will see development outside the "First Wall" eventually.

Scale: 1" = 40'-0" (Each large square on the map represents 250' by 250'

Nice use of AutoCAD there Dray...oh, and "Celvor's Aquisitions"...excellent touch...


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