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- Academic Buildings

Chemistry Building
* The Doctrine
* School of Engineering
* Culinary Arts
* Physics and Science Building
* Liberal Arts & Theater
* Agricultural Science
* Department of Defense
* Domestic Development Building (All professions)
* Elementary School

- Garrison Post

- Library

- 40 Dormitory Buildings

3 floors,
* 10 rooms each floor,
* each room accommodates 2 students

- Teacher Residences


- Average Residences


Updated 01-02-08

Note the different Academic Building types that pertain to students specific studies when they reach 16 years old. They concentrate on a chosen field of study until 18, when they then become a productive citizen of Safe-Haven upon graduation.

Also note the dormitories, each student lives in these dorms while they attend the school year (early Spring to late Fall).

Did you just say that the school year is from early spring to late fall?

And who lives in an "average residence"? Additionally, does this mean that "Teacher Residences" are of higher quality than "Average"? In what manner(s)?

Great remark, as you know of what I imply despite my ill-conceived scribe.

Children ages 5 to 18 attend school from late Fall to early Spring.

The types of residences, and many other subject headings and vocabulary used throughout the Eberron Districts threads are defined in the CityScape DnD supplement. To answer your question though, the "Average Residences" are "middle-class living accommodations for the various citizens associated with the school but not necessarily the instructors.


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