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A Safe-Haven History Lesson (A teacher’s telling at the Park of the New Beginning)

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"How did he strike the Holy Flame, did he find it? Where did it come from?" Molly asked, her eyes wide with wonder.

"All great questions Little Miss," to which the girl smiled.

"That is another tale and lesson for another day. But know that he did indeed bring it to life with his own purity."

"At the very heart of his hard won sanctuary, protected by the First Wall, Our Administrator built our beloved Spire," continued the teacher as she turned and face the Spire a hundred paces away and behind the fountain. "It is from this Spire, that decades ago, he transcended to his new battlefield in heaven, and that is yet another exciting story we will share." She said the last as she turned back to Molly and shared a smile.

"From the surrounding chaos of the world, our ancestors, humans barely surviving in the outlands stumbled upon SafeHaven as the Spire was under construction. Kaine, a benevolent and compassionate man, had welcomed them and helped each of them in turn build their homes. The heart of Our-Commons was formed. Yes my children, some of the homes around your very school only a few streets away are that old."

"Soon this township, (Our Commons) at the heartland of SafeHaven was formed. But the solace of simple rest was not enough for Kaine and our forefathers. They knew that if mankind were to survive, more would need to be done. So Kaine trained five of the strongest men of this handful of people. The people who had come to know him and love him as their Protector and Teacher. He trained the First Council of 5 in the art of War. Trained to destroy the Karh’thul." None of the children had a questioning look, or was phased by the hard words of history. Once again the teacher was not disappointed by the clearly good parenting skills of these fine soon-to-be-warrior-citizens sitting in a circle around her.


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