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A Safe-Haven History Lesson (A teacher’s telling at the Park of the New Beginning)

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"As months went bye the men fought beyond the wall. When not fighting, they trained others in their art and soon the Council’s Guardians came to power. As this a machine of death to all Karh’thul expanded the territory of Safe-Haven, Kaine in his wisdom kept our other ancestors building and growing the community. Each person was important, each new child a new hope for the future." She said looking around at her new hope, her wide-eyed students, all listening attentively.

"And as you know my young ones, they were very successful. Our Land now stretches a hundred miles, fifty miles from this fountain in all directions. From Pratt’s Farm in the South, to Lookout Point in the North. From the Rocky Plain in the West to the Whisper Forest in the East. You and I, and all the people of Safe-Haven are now safe to live and be happy within the confines of the Outer Rim."

The End.


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