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A Safe-Haven History Lesson (A teacher’s telling at the Park of the New Beginning)

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A SAFE HAVEN HISTORY LESSON (A teacher's telling at the Park of the New Beginning)

"In a time long past, a man could not sleep in the same place twice. He could not retrace the same steps or else fall to the evil tracking him. The world of old was anarchy and darkness. A place where death was the norm, and a smile was a stranger. The time of man was not yet known to this world."

The young teacher looked over her students while pausing for dramatic affect. ‘Bless the First Years’, she thought. For on this first day of school, the first lesson was her favorite, one in which the children were introduced to their history almost first hand.

"Out of this darkness stepped our Lord and Savior, Kaine. Our Administrator. An entity of Light that embraced Law tight to his Vest. Our Father had wandered the world for centuries, seeking an end to the evil of the world. But alas, there was no end. Years he waited until the last bead of his patience dropped from his brow.  That drop landed at the center of the fountain behind me, it was where he started a new beginning, our new beginning. It was there that he slept on the ground… twice."

And like clockwork a hand came up to ask the same question. This year it was from an adorable little girl with big eyes and a mop of brown hair that curled under her chin. The teacher intercepted, bending a little low and giving a kind smile,"No Molly, the fountain wasn’t there then, so the drop landed on the ground."

To her credit Molly was not ashamed, and simply said "Oh, okay," and smiled. The teacher continued.

"Fighting off the ancestors of the Karh’thul, he claimed this very spot of land we now stand upon children, as his own. At first he could only protect the land under his knapsack. But each day that land grew in diameter by another footstep."

"Months passed, and the enemy’s bloodshed stained the land for miles around. The beasts finally stopped coming, not daring to step on the blood of their own, they waited and watched at its edge. It was there Our Father first struck the Holy Flame and built the First Wall. Forever defining the land within as his own."

Molly, a brave little girl, shot her hand back up in the air. "Yes little one?" The teacher responded patiently.


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