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Fir'Ath Not Yet Established


Hey, just wanted to give you a shout Matt that I am not yet in the skin of this toon yet. Love the idea of him, but I think I will need a session or two of real play before I can fully develop his personality in my mind.

That being said, perhaps you and I could finish the current ICD and get a table session going soon?

Perhaps Steve and I could start an ICD amongst our two toons that recently met?

I'm in. Although Eswarth is also not fully developed, which means that it'll be rocky, but helpful all around.

I just read the Game Log, and let me note that I had forgotten just how far we had gotten in our first table session as a threesome.

Perhaps the three of us could start a dialog and discuss the undead orc? And then get to flesh out our characters by getting to know one another.

I'll be watching.

Please shoot me a quick poke email, every now and then to let me know you've posteed. For some reason, Gmail likes to mark the auto notifications as spam sometimes and I never get them...


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