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Charon paid the innkeep what was due, his room fee and double the messenger's fee. He then stepped out into the street, pulling up his handkerchief as he left the inn. He would need to pick up some food for the first few days of his journey. He looked for vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and breads. "There's bound to be something on the way to the Temple of Ehlona," thought Charon. He had decided to bring the second copy of his report to the followers of Ehlona. If anyone in this city cared about the death of a centaur, it would be them.

Charon found several vendors on the way to the temple, and stocked up his rations.

The temple door was manned by a young lad dressed in a simple brown robe, who gladly accepted the letter, and ensured Charon that it would get to the deacon.

Pat, we're done here, yar?



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