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Into the Archives (Completed)

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Charon headed straight for the morgue archives. He spent a lot of time down there amongst the old records. In fact, if he was not working on a corpse he could usually be found reading about someone else who had. There were plenty of files to be read, too. Years and years worth of records were stored down here. There were even files from long before the coming of the Emerald Skies, although it was the period just after the meteors fell that truly interested Charon. So much information was available down here, family lineage, local history, medical procedures, records of wars and plagues, even reference to the first undead. All of this and more could be discovered through careful inspection of the death records. And this was the greatest collection Charon had ever encountered. He was looking forward to spending years researching in the solitary tranquility that the archives offered him. Unfortunately, this would probably be his last journey through the stacks.

Charon started to examine the records looking for any information on centaurs or the unusual tattoo that he saw.

The room was huge, running the entire expanse of the building, but Charon was familiar enough with the layout of stacks that he could rule out entire areas. He suspected that he wouldn't find anything of worth in the section about nameless Humans found dead for example.

Truely, every detail that could be observed about every piece of dead flesh that passed through the building was recorded here in the stacks. Unfortunately, dead centuars were not exactly something that came through the City evrey day. As a matter of fact, they'd never come through this city at all, as far as the records were concerned.

The only thing Charon found of any relavence was that there were at least two dozen reports such as the one that he was just told to produce. How many times had Eril done this?

Barely a half hour had passed, but Charon was getting the feeling that in order to find any information of use, he'd have to look somewhere else. The offical records were clearly unreliable at best, and there was not one single mention of Centuar.

A sudden distant ruckus caught Charon's attention. It was coming from the direction of the Crematory. After just a moment, the clatter stopped, and the halls were quiet again.

Charon recorded the two dozen or so reports that he thought were suspect. He doubted anyone would ever be able to discover what had truly happened in any of those cases, but at least he could bring some attention to the problem. Folding up his notes carefully, Charon stashed them in his shoe. Just in case he ran into Eril or the half orcs he didn’t want them to find out about his research. That’s when he heard the commotion from the Crematory.

Was it the sound of combat? Charon’s heart jumped. Had the half orcs returned to silence Eril for good? It would be fitting. Perhaps the next corpse in the furnace would be Eril’s? … or Charon’s! Could they be coming for Charon as well? Of course, if those sounds were the half orcs killing Eril they would certainly come for him next. Charon’s heart pounded in his throat.

Should he try to hide here in the archives until it was clear, or should he investigate? If Eril was dead Charon might be able to retrieve information from his spirit before it passed over. Sometimes the spirits of the dead lingered for a while, especially if they had something they needed to say (OOC: Charon has Spirit Sense from pg. 124 of Heroes of Horror). This might be the only way to get the information he needed.

Charon took a deep cleansing breath… and rushed off down the hallway to investigate the racket.

Charon ran down the hallyway, through the crematory and to the office door. There was no sign of struggle in the crematory. It occurred to him as he reached for the handle that if something had happened in the office, the only way out was through the crematory. There was no one else in the crematory, which meant that if there was trouble, the trouble makers were either gone, or still in the office.

“I wouldn’t go in there,” a familiar voice said from behind Charon. Charon turned to see Eril. His body was shimmering translucent in the oil lamp light. “Neither would I stick around here. They are looking for something, Charon. They expected something in the ashes, and it was not there.”

Charon felt the weight of the small cylinder in his pocket. Surely this was what they were looking for. He turned to run, but froze in his tracks after just a half a step. He could not leave, not yet. Eril may have been corrupt in life, but now that he had passed his soul deserved a chance at redemption.

“Eril, is there anything that you need to tell me? Is there anything that you need done to ease your passing?” whispered Charon hoping that Eril would be quicker with his reply than the half-orcs would be with their search of the office.


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