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Paying old dues

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This thread occurs just after "More and More Like Home"

Exiting Trilomore's quarters, Belwar felt unsure of exactly how he should feel. There was a pang of guilt for being so suspicious of someone who was supposedly trying to help. One could not be too careful though. The reality was that Belwar still didn't know if Trillomore could be trusted. He'd no reason to distrust the fellow, yet no reason not to.

With a sigh, the normally surly Dwarf shook off the uncertainty and tried to regain a hold on the thoughts he was having before the meeting. Even though his thoughts were a little less focused, Belwar managed to regain a certain mesasure of the peace he was feeling earlier.

Before long, Belwar was pushing open the chapel doors.

The sun was steadily climbing in the sky, a couple of hands and more before mid-day. Accustomed as he was to living in his homeland - amidst and beneath the stoney crags of Eastwold - Belwar had never before truly experienced a spring amidst the forest, and he found that it was an experience indeed. There was a tangle of smells that assailed him, from exactly what he couldn't tell other than to say that it was from the various plants that were now headlong towards full bloom outside the Keep's walls.

Through the sounds of the Keep's residents he could also hear the high, nasal pitch of a bird...it sounded like those blue and black ones that Valen had been speaking of only a week earlier.

As he approached the chapel doors, Belwar sighed; the air tasted different today than it had since he left Eastwold. This second thought of his home stirred something in the taciturn dwarf, and he suddenly felt (as he had earlier that day) that he could sense the stone under his feet singing. A foolish grin returned, perhaps a bit unbidden, to his bearded face. Looking about, the humans and elves that filled the yard didn't seem to note this sensation that was so apparent to Belwar. They were energetic, for the most part, and seemed happy enough, but they usually were.

The heavy wooden door to the Chapel opened easily and Belwar could hear soft voices within speaking in hushed conversation.

"Look at him." Belwar immediately recognized the deep and confident voice of Corris. "He's asleep so quickly."

"It's no wonder." Corryn's liquid voice returned. "He and his companions have been through a considerable ordeal. They are all heroes now, in the eyes of Our Lady."

"Indeed." Corris agreed. "I cannot help but note the sheen that Zurn wears. He is indeed special to Her."

"Indeed." Corryn said. "Shall we get Chokt to start preparing Brother Dannobar's new quarters? We should try to hold his service tonight, I think."

"Aye." Corris answered. "There's another that we can be glad has come to us, and especially now, eh? So much good has brought this small Keep up from its heels of late. Our Lady knew what she was doing."

"Even She has help. Friends always help." Corryn observed, then her voice changed slightly from conversation to query as she said, "Oh! We have a visitor. Hello? Is there someone there?"

Chokt... Belwar thought he knew the name, but couldn't seem to remember the face...

"Oh, it's just I, forgive the intrusion," Belwar said stepping in and closing the door. It occured to him that they'd not be able to see him with the brilliance of the day behind him.

"I couldn't help but catch that ye were planning a burial service for Dannobar..." Belwar said in a guilty tone. "I should like to attend, if I'd be welcome. I know now I was hasty in me judgement of him. This be the first death I..." Belwar stopped, realizing his error before he spoke it. "Second... second death I regret causing. Perhaps I can help make things right."

He knew it sounded silly, how can you right a wrongful death? Belwar shifted uncomfortably. His axe blade suddenly felt much heavier than it had a moment ago.

Corryn and Coris were just exiting the small area of the little chapel where the sick were tended. It was that area where Belwar had found himself awakened after his internal fight with the Yeti sickness.

"You are no intrusion, Belwar, and of course you are welcome to Dannobar's service." Corryn said, smiling her perfect smile. Perfect for a human, that is.

"As for regretting deaths, Belwar," Coris added sagely. "We most of us regret nearly every death we cause, even if that one death prevents many others. People like to paint those decisions as good or evil, but in truth they are most properly painted in degrees of evil."

Corryn slapped Coris playfully and regarded him archly. "Ever the soul of cheer, dear Brother." She chided him. Coris laughed. Belwar noted that this was the first time that he could recall the tall paladin laughing; it seemed...odd at least.

"Dear Belwar," she returned her attention to the dwarf. "What brings you to Our Lady's house this morning? Is there something that you need?"

"Ah," Belwar started. "It's been a good long while since I spoken to Moradin..." this was going to be difficult, Belwar realized. Words were not something Belwar was ever really good with, particularly when they were explaining feelings.

Best to just describe it.

"As I came through the court yard, I started to realize, this keep be more me home now than ever was Estwold and now I've nothing left there anyway. As I was coming to realize this, I felt the earth below me rejoice, Moradin walks the tunnels below, and he is happy." He didn't bother to explain what he felt, or why he believed it. He could only assume that these two had experienced things in the past that held a similar meaning, the "Sheen Zurn wears" a possible example. Belwar trusted they knew what he'd meant.

"So, I thought since Moradin was in the area anyway, I'd stop in and pay some over due respects. With the way things have gone in the recent past, it seems these gods I've put little stock in, do infact have a hand in much..." Belwar was thinking outloud at this point. "What better ally than a god when your enemy is another god?" The enemy Belwar was talking about was the Vulture god of the Gargin.


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