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Dead on Arrival ( Completed - Charon )

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Charon began to lay out his disecting blades, bone cutters, and saws.

"I'll be as fast as I can. Though it looks like this was one big ... elf.  I'm going to have to really chop him up if you expect it to be incinerated by dawn."

He waited for the half-orcs reaction his words. Was the brute going to let him remove the body from the bag, or would Charon need to get creative?

The Half Orc's eyes narrowed a bit, as he glared at Charon for what seemed an hour, but could only have been a few minutes. Finally, the grin appeared again, wider than before. He slowly nodded in a satisfied manner. "Yes," he said. "Big, he was."

He chuckled, "You'll do just find Human. Just fine indeed," he said as he grabbed a near by lag chair and sat. Finally, he seemed to not be paying so much attention.

As Charon opened the bag, his suspicions became confirmed. This was no Elf. This bag, that was so large, it must have taken both Half Orcs to carry, was filled with remains of a Centuar.

The scent of death and blood coming from within the opened sack didn’t bother Charon, but the stench of the half-orc on the other side of the room was nauseating. He never cared much for the various odors emitted by the living, nor for the perfumes often used to cover them up. It was one of the things that made it hard for Charon to get close to the living, and even though this brute was on the other side of the room, he still felt too close.

Charon carefully cut away the leather sack with a heavy scalpel. Others might have been shocked at what was inside, Charon was excited. He didn’t often get an opportunity to work with such an unusual creature. It is too bad he had to rush.

Charon began his work. He carefully, almost lovingly, laid the body out upon the table. He moved his face in close to the centaur’s head. Charon’s lips brushed against the corpse’s ear. “So, what secrets do you have to share with me today, my friend?” he whispered.

The half-orc twisted uncomfortably in his seat. “What … what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m simply comforting this poor soul.” Charon reached over and grabbed a large serrated dismembering blade. “When one comes to an … untimely end sometimes the soul is left restless.” Charon held the wide blade up and inspected it for sharpness. “We wouldn’t want his unhappy spirit coming back to haunt us now, would we?” said Charon, lowering the blade just enough to glance over it at the half-orc.

The brute just grunted as if he understood.

Charon nestled his head back into the centaur’s ear and whispered, “Now, let’s talk about what really happened to you, friend”.

OOC: Charon isn't actually expecting the corpse to talk to him (although sometimes the really fresh ones do). His conversation will be a bit one-sided and performed with blades. He will, during the course of chopping up the corpse so that it burns faster, inspect the body for any possible clues. Charon is looking for anything that might let him know how, when, and where it died. Also,  he would be looking for any specific identifying marks, such as tatoos, scars or birthmarks.

This centuar was a male, and was full maturity. No one could tell the age of a centuar really, except perhaps other centuars. At least, that's how the saying went. Judging by the lack of decomp, Charon concluded that this Centuar was a fresh kill, maybe two hours tops. The large deep cuts were consistent with the size of the blades that swung from these Half Orcs' belts. They were no doubt the killers.

"He won't answer you, Human," The Half Orc chuckled. "He can't talk, he's too dead," he said with a hearty belly laugh. "Stop snuggling and get to work." Once again, Charon was forced to endure the all too common preconcieved notion that death was final.

As Charon began examinign the limbs, he noticed two things. One, on the back of the right hand, was a tatoo. It was a sun with many luminous tendrils. The left wrist had an unnatural bump, as if there were a small tubular object implanted just under the skin. Was this something they were looking for?

Charon made a couple quick inscisions, and out popped a shiny gray metal cylinda. Charon popped it into his pocket and continued his work. There was nothing else about the body that caught his eye.


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