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Dead on Arrival ( Completed - Charon )

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Charon quickly finished preparing the corpse for incineration. To speed up the process the meat was flayed from the bones, the bones were cracked, and the larger organs were divided. Charon placed the pieces into the incinerator and fired it up. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the body to go to ash. A few bits will need to be crushed with mortar and pestle, but that would only take moments.

Charon started to clean his tools and return them to their proper place. The tools were not actually his own. They belonged to the morgue. Charon would miss them when he was gone. They were some of the finest he had the pleasure of using.

The room was now very warm, and the half-orc was starting to sweat. Charon tried to find some identifying marks on the creature. He wanted to be able to recognize it again should he have the opportunity to make things right later. Charon was not normally interested in avenging a death with another death, but he was sure that this was neither the first nor the last murder these two would commit. Perhaps there is something to be said for taking preventative measures.

Charon finished cleaning the room and started writing out the death report. "I'm going to write this up as a vagrant who died of complications due to long-term alcohol abuse and syphilis. They don't bother with notification of family members on vagrants, and the syphilis will justify cremation without raising alarms about a dangerous contagion." said Charon.

"Whatever, just do it so I can get out of this sweatbox," complained the half-orc.

Charon checked the condition of the body again. He was surprised to see that it had finished rather quickly.  Charon opened up the incinerator's cooling vents and returned to finished his report. After a few moments he placed the finished report on the table and went to go sort through the ashes. "I can dispose of these ashes, if you like," said Charon as he crushed up the few surviving bits of bone. "Either way I will be done here in just another minute".

The last statement seemed to set off alarms in the Half-Orc's head. "No!"

The Half Orc stood and pointed a this meaty finger at the door his companion had exited a short time prior. "You gather ALL ashes and remains an you give them to Garn!" That must have been the name of the other Half Orc.

"They will be lookin for a..." he stopped. "They will be looking for Proof." His tone suggested that he may have said too much.

Search as he could, the only identifying mark Charon could find was the tatoo on the back of the right hand. It had to be symbolic of something. What, he didn't know.

The cylindar found in the other forearm was puzzling. It was clearly there for a reason, things like that didn't simply grow in arms. There was no visible scar on the arm to suggest the point of insertion, so it must have been done a very long time ago. That wasn't much of a surprise though, given that Centuars were said to live for several thousands of years.

Perhaps there was information somewhere in the morgue records of such a thing, or at least the tatoo.

Charon poured the ashes into a small clay jar. The jar was then plugged with a wooden stopper and sealed with wax. He placed the jar of ashes and the report on the table.

“I believe our business here is done,” said Charon. “I’ll leave these with you.” Charon turned back to his workbench to grab his overcoat. “I’ve a very busy day ahead of me, so unless there is anything further I shall be taking my leave”.

Charon started for the door, intent on heading to the archives to conduct some research. Perhaps that tattoo had been seen before.

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