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Dead on Arrival ( Completed - Charon )

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This ICD involves:
Charon – Played by Chassic

“Charon,” Eril said, the smell of formaldehyde permeating the room as he entered. Today the morgue would be receiving a body. This was nothing new, but as Eril said last night, it was a special body for a special client.

It was uncommon that Eril would wake Charon, mostly because he was seldom up early enough. Clearly, today’s task was of extreme importance, as it was very early, good two or three hours before the day would ordinarily start.

“We meet our clients very shortly. I’ll need you to be prepared.”

Charon had feared this day would come. There were a lot of questionable activities done in the mortician business, but until today he had never actually participated in any of it.

“I will meet you in the morgue, Eril. I’ll just need a brief moment to dress and get my things together.”

Charon had decided that he would not back away from this challenge. He still did not know what was expected of him, though he suspected that he would be asked to falsify a death report. He would have to uncover some more facts before making his final decision, but he would not dishonor the dead in such a way. Not without a damn convincing reason.

Charon quickly got dressed and packed his things into a travel satchel. He picked up a bone white skull resting on his night table and looked it right in the ‘eyes’, “This may be our last night in this city, Collinsworth. If things go as I fear we’ll be on the road before lunch.” He carefully tucked Collisworth into the satchel and placed it under the bed.

“And you, too. My friend.” Charon gazed over at a spider web that formed a perfect little triangle between his desk and the wall. “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to take you with me. I’ll find a nice little garden for you before we go.” Charon picked a dead fly out of a jar on his desk and carefully dropped it into the web.

Charon had a plan. Not a very good one, but given his uncertainty of what exactly he was about to be asked to do, it was the best he could come up with. He would write the death report exactly as he’d been asked. He would also write up a proper death report. He would have Eril proof read the false report, but leave a few “unimportant” areas unfinished and the report itself unsigned. He will then take the false report back to be “finished”. Charon will then submit the accurate report directly to his superiors. Hopefully, with Eril reporting to his “clients” that everything is in order, this will give Charon enough time to get the hell out of town before the trouble starts. If he is really lucky, Eril’s “clients” will pay Charon before he leaves town. If he’s not lucky … well, it’ll be a short trip to the morgue.

When Charon opened his chamber door, he found Eril standing at the end of the corridor pacing. It was a very uncommon sight. Eril, the man who would stand staring at a detail for an hour or more until he knew what it was, was pacing. What could have Eril so nervous?

When he saw that Charon had opened his door, Eril stopped dead in his tracks and stood straight. He was clearly trying to not look under stress. Eril gave a sharp nod and a small smile, as if Charon's presence brought a bit of relief.

"I will need you to prepare the Kiln, this body will need to be cremated," said Eril. Cremation was a very uncommon thing in the City of Embar. Most beliefs insisted that the body be preserved and burried.

"Charon," Eril began, as the two walked. "Sometimes, it's necessary to survive..." It was an odd statement. Eril was know for more of a 'every one must die' kind of attitude. "You see, in order to continue to serve the dead justly, occasionally there is a price to pay. Tonight, we must pay our due. I am not asking this of you, but you must know that those who are asking, must be placated. Do not examine the body you're given this night." Any integrity, any respect Eril may have earned would be called into question at the utterance of that statement.

"The report must read "Unknown citizen". This must be reported as a beggar who died of some illness. We must dispose of this body regardless of how it comes in."

By the end of the hallway, which seemed that it must have been further away from Charon's room than it was before, however impossible that was, the two had come to a state of silence. Eril must have know that he was asking a task with which Charaon would staunchly disagree. Before entering the morgue, Eril stopped.

"Thank you, Charon," he stated simply. His voice was filled, loaded with unsaid words. There was a hint of sorrow overshadowed slightly by relief... The kind of statement spoken to someone who had just made a sacrifice that could not be repaid. Perhaps Eril knew this could mean the end of his relationship with Charon?

Eril pushed the heavy wooden door open. On the examination table there was a very large black leather sack filled with what could only be a body. However, it was not oblong, or really any shape that might have been a body. If there was a body in that bag, it was not whole.

"Good day Eril," Said a face, belonging to one of two very large Half-Orcs. The two wore black leather armor, and sported a thick sword on their belts.  The one who spoke went on, "I see you have a new mule." He was looking at Charon but talking to Eril.

"You, dispose of my burden," he said, pointing at the bag. "You and I," he said turning to Eril, and patting a pouch at his hip that jingled. "We have business.." The two left the room toward the office. Suddenly it seemed that perhaps there was little more in this for Eril than survival?

Half-Orcs. Big ones! Now Charon was sure that if he made one wrong move he would end up in the furnace as well. He made sure that the door to the room was closed and secured. He turned his back to the door, took a deep breath and surveyed the room.

The half orc's twisted grin exposed many crooked teeth. "Don't worry Human, this will be the quickest death record you've every written. This poor Elf died of... Let's just say, natural causes."

The smell of blood was strong near the large bag. Whatever was inside had bled quite a bit, and it was clearly too large to be Elven.

As Charon got a closer look at the bag, there appeared to be a hoof sticking out of the loosly tied end.


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