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Rocky Roads ( Completed )

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"Must be valuable?" Fir'Ath asked, nodding to the brass mini-chest.

"Oh," he stopped and regarded the box. "I'd be surprised if it wouldn't fetch a small fortune, yes." He grinned.

"But something like this... Selling this would be a travesty!" His voice brimmed with excitement and passion. "This is like being handed and artifact fromt he Age of Legend! These leaves came from trees that were here since the beginning of time. To put a price on this would be... Rotten! And I'm a merchant!" he chuckled.

"But, if I had to guess, I'd say this little box, which is actually pretty close to full right now would bring say... two, maybe three thousand gold? This tea is sought by royalty the world over, and most of them still have never had any."

It began to seem unclear if the little human was actually going to put the rest of his burden down any time soon.

Fir'Ath looked amusedly bewildered.

"If has medicinal properties, is considered and artifact by some, and a luxury of kings....why are we drinking it?"

Orath stuttered, "wha... I.. Fir'ath, this... You..."

He stopped and breathed.

"Fir'ath, there are things in this world that Kings want because they may deserve them... Respect perhaps, accountability most certainly... THIS?" he held the box aloft. "This my friend, is FAR too good to waste upon someone who thinks they deserve it. *I* certainly do not deserve it, and that makes it all the better!"

He laughed deeply as he filled the kettle with water.

Fir'ath raised an eyebrow, then made an obvious effort to scan the horizon of the way they had come.


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