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Rocky Roads ( Completed )

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Light rain coated the ground keeping dust from kicking up behind the wheels of the merchant's cart on this, the fifth day out of the Knuckleroot Forest. This gray day did nothing to lessen the chubby human's banter. It was remarkable how much could be said without ever really having anything to say and surely Orath pushed the limits. Every subject slid easily into the next through some segue or another.

"On my way through Carolmire I managed to pick up this," the merchant said, showing Fir'ath a gold band pinching the flesh of his chubby ring finger. It was very shiney.

"Looks like that was some time ago," said Fir'Ath.

"Oh, Quite!" Orath said, clearly missing the poke at his weight.

The day passed on uneventfully, and the two moved off the road to set up camp. This was the usuall process. "We're making good time, Fir'ath, at this rate we should be to Rockwater village by the end of the day tomorrow. Only six days! How the time passes when in good company!" He gave a small chuckle.

"You know, I have a terriffic tea if you'd like to try some, it's wonderful with a little honey. It's made from the leaves of the Ironbark tree, and said to have excellent calming and healing properties. You know a friend of mine once had an aweful cold and he had a single cup of this... Poof! the cold was gone the next day. No exaggeration."

The little man was so animated in his speach he was beginning to work up a sheen of perspiration.

"I'll get the tin, would start a small cooking fire?"

Fir'Ath was not used to being with company for such a long period of time. Even back at the village, he was never with someone for more than a few hours, save his clutchmate.

But there was something about this man that was ...."warm" he said to himself, as he stirred up a small fire.

"Eh?" Asked Orath. "I was thinking to myself it was getting a bit chilly. These old bones don't hold up the way they used to."

The tin he produced from the back of the wagon was hardly a tin at all. It was more a miniature chest. It was a brushed brass box about the size of a grapefruit.

He grabbed the tea pot and a couple of boxes the two had been using as chairs.

"This tea was a gift from the Centuars of Ironbark," he said struggling slightly with all the things he was carrying.  "Or... that is to say, it was a gift from an elvin friend who lives with the Centuars. Rich smokey flavor."


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