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Grandfathered in ( Completed - Maragarn )

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Maragarns concerns grew stronger. Not only would he be forced to catch up with the travels of his clan but questioned if his grandfather would be able to travel with his sickness.

"Sire..."Maragarn said, "...will Grand-da be able to make such a seasonal journey with his sickness? and if so would it not cause him to become sicker? How much time does he have before he is taken by it? My travels to catch up with the clan would, in fact, be longer than if they stayed here?"

Maragarn knew the urgency of his task but having measured the travel and the circumstances around it, it became that much more paramount. He would certainly be leaving this day.

His Grandsire would say, 'We walk in the shadows but it is hope that lights the way'. Maragarn smiled as he came to appreciate the meaning of that statement.

Serephus' face looked calm, almost dismissive. "You need not worry about the time, there is enough. Now that we have found the true issue, we can slow it down enough that he should easily have a month, maybe more."

Serephus hoped that statement would bring some measure of peace to his son. "We will leave the customary signs of our passing so you can follow behind. I am certain you'll remember your lessons."

The tribe had scouts who would travel ahead to follow directly be hind the herds, and would leave signs of direction of travel for the rest of the tribe. Typically, it was a small pile of stones, a darker stone on one side indicated the direction of travel. There were others too that indicated things like trouble ahead, or proceed slowly, or speed up as well.

Serephus clapped his son's shoulder and said, "I know this is the most difficult burden we've ever placed upon you, and you'll feel more alone in this than in anything you've done before. Do not make the mistake of believing those feelings, for we are all in this, though we are unable to do anything about it.

Maragarn's nerves calmed. It was not the task that was daunting to him but the idea that he might fail and disappoint those he loved that weighed heavy on him. He wated to know that his father had faith in him to do this.

He realized that if his father had not the faith that he may not have asked him to go. But given the situation they were in with few others to take on the travel that his father may not have had any other choice.

Regardless, this was now his mission and he was already mentally preparing himself to meet the challenge. Though he had some fear, he decided that he wouldn't be a slave to it and chose to push it away.

Maragarn looked down at the burden of spears that he had been carrying and picked one out. He held it firm and took a deep breath. He looked at his sire and said, "I'll prepare my things and leave on the morrow's daybreak."



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