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Nettle Remains

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Duthash Gyth Voldyn 237 (May 25) - Upon the closure of Session 15 - The Nettle Demons

Maccabeus was gladdened that Whisper was feeling better, and that he could have played a hand in the thus-far half salvation of her splendid grove. He wondered whether Mahiya had heard his yearning to travel to the Valley and recover another Vallenwood Acorn, and this was her way of incentivizing him. The good that can come from the vile Nettle Lord and his little demon-like minions.

The thought of the thorny Bulb recollected to Maccabeus that black, pulsing heart that had throbbed in the twisted botanical breast. "OH!" He came upright suddenly. "Ashe, I nearly forgot, ninny that I am!" He pulled his leather bag from its place as it slung across his chest. "I took samples of the Nettled Ones for you. I thought that you might be able to make use of some of their remains." He reached into his bag and produced the pieces that he had wrapped in his own torn shirt. "Ah, yes...and I need a new shirt too." He remarked. "Actually, I was in need of one of those anyway." He conceded. "This one I've been wearing and washing for a long while, and was in need of some replacing."

As he spoke, he handed the wrapped samples up to Ashe. "There was also this...thing." He added. "Umm...how do I...I don't really want to...hmmmm..." He seemed to stumble around upon himself and eventually upended his bag onto the floor of Ashe's home.

Out pored his tobacco sack, his pipe, some samples of cheese and dried fish, and a small roundish marbled rock, smooth as though it had spent a millennia being caressed by waters. "Feh!" He huffed and shook the bag a little until with a dull thud that Nettle Lord's black pulsing heart fell upon the floor.

Maccabeus reached for the little bit of fish that had emptied from his satchel, but Wolf was quicker. Maccabeus glared playfully at his companion and settled upon the cheese. He looked up at Ashe then...


Maccabeus trotted into Ashe's kitchen and saw immediately the skin that Ashe needed. It depended upon a peg that was well above his head.

He grabed the skin at it's bottom, and jumped up to release the tension upon its strap. A quick flick and the skin came loose readily. He bore it back to the Elder.

"This skin?" He asked.

Ashe looked at the water skin and saw the symbol on that he and Maccabeus bore on their chest.

"Yes, that's the one. Pull the stopper and bring it here." Ashe said.

Maccabeus firmly but gently wrested the stopper from the skin as he crossed the last few feet to where Ashe was tending Whisper. He handed the skin up to the Elder.


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