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I thought I'd share my inspiration for Mirri.

When Johan introduced the Cat race, this was my first thought.  For those of you familiar with Magic the Gathering, then you may recognize these cards:

 Mirri, from the "Exodus" expansion

 Mirri the Cursed, from the "Planar Chaos" expansion

Poor kitty has fallen on dark times, it would appear!

Ohhh, this ain't good.  It looked okay in the preview, but not so good in the post!

Okay, let's try that again, using basic HTML.  Here are the two images:

Whoa, nice!

What series is that from?? I think I stopped playing around after Legends came out... I forgot the name of that series... had a lot to do with minitaurs...

The top one is from Exodus, the bottom is from the latest expansion, Planar Chaos.

The expansion that you last saw was "Homelands", which had the Minotaurs.


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