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The Delivery

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This thread starts on Sprouting Grass / Egg 25, upon arriving back at the Forest Keep, which was in the early morning hours

Corris was talking with Belwar, Brescht was talking with Hemo, and Zurn was lost in his thoughts.

The tall paladin moved gracefully to intercept Zurn as the priest solemnly bore the body deeper into the Keep.

Hefting the remains of his fallen brother, Zurn carefully maneuvered past the milling soldiers, and even his comrades, intent upon delivering Dannobar to the Keep's Chapel.

As he past by Belwar though, and long, lean, strong hand clasped his shoulder and stayed the dwarf a moment.

It was Corris. "Brother Zurn, are you well?" He asked, his concern evident in his strained voice.


Zurn thought some more about what troubled him and spoke his thoughts to Corris, "tha other thing tha be buggin me is tha Dannobar, who was a loyal son of Ehlonna, was lured ta the Vulture. Lured and may o' been betrayed. How many more o our brothers and sisters will...or even have already sworn allegience to this aspiring demi god?"

Zurn continued with a quaking voice, "I be knowin' tha I shoonah be worrin' aboot what could be an dealing more with what is...but the very thinking of it...". Zurn shook his head and took a deep breath. "It jus be making me...not well, Captain...not well by a long road.."

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