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A small victory, with troubled horizons

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The news that the gargon were heading in the direction of his homeland troubled Belwar greatly. Perhaps even more troubleing to him, was that fact that he wasn't truely certain whether or not he really cared. Truth be told, there really wasn't anything left there for him anymore, except the thought of reclaiming his father's prized axe.

But would he grieve for those who get killed in Estwald? It would be a shame to lose that many lives, and the metals that they were responsible for supplying to the world would certainly be missed, but...

Belwar sighed. He felt a certain obligation to those people, for there were innocents amoung them who did not deserve to die. The fact that there was nothing there for him anymore seemed smaller than it had a few weeks prior. There was evil being done, and somehow, Belwar felt it a part of his responsibility to put a stop to it.

"Corris, " Belwar stated. " It is good to be back."

Now, the keep, on the other hand, *did* feel like home to Belwar these days.

"I worry still for our safety Corris. With the gargon heading south east toward my homeland, I fear they are going with ideas of gathering hill giants, and enslaving my kind."

"And with that," interrupted Saul in a tone a little more serious than usual. "All the metal that I am sure the dwarves summon from the earth."

"Am I right lad?" he said looking to Belwar.

Belwar noded, "aye, but I don't think that the'll be staying in the stronghold long. I have to wonder if they plan to enslave dwarves to come reopen the tunnel. I noticed when we were down there that it was at a very straight and precise angle... definitely far beyond the skills of just the gargon."

This thread begins in the pre-dawn hours of the 25th day of the Sprouting Grass/Egg moon.

Corris smiled to see the weary travelers return from their quest. "It is good to have you back, Belwar." He said, clasping the stout dwarf's shoulders. "Ehlonna looks over your shoulder, friend."

As Belwar spoke, and the newcommer as well, Corris's smile faded somewhat. His eyes drifted over Belwar's head to Zurn, who was hefting what Belwar and Saul knew to be Dannobar's remains from the back of Mable, their trusty mule.

"We need to speak at some length, Belwar, but I must beg your patience for a moment. It looks as though you've been successful in your quest...Is that Dannobar?"

The tall paladin moved gracefully to intercept Zurn as the priest solemnly bore the body deeper into the Keep.

"Brother Zurn, are you well?" He asked, his concern evident in his strained voice.

Belwar furrowed his brow in thought. Corris was right, this was neither the time nor the place to discuss what might mean big trouble for the keep.

Perhaps the time WAS right however for a drink!

Belwar turned to Saul and said, "There'll be much time soon fer thoughts and plans... Perhaps now's a good time fer eatin an drinkin! Would ye care to join me at the eatery?"

"Mirri? Arlen? How bout you two, little bit o food?"


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