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Belwar was one of the first to climb to the top of the northern wall of the chasm. He peered into the darkness around him at the top to make sure the area was safe. He saw nothing of concern. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time if danger was there and simply eluded his detection.

He pulled a rag from his pack and began to wipe the gore from his blades. He noticed a chip in one of his throwing axes. His lips pursed, he accepted it as a flaw of human blacksmithing, and continued to clean his gear.

The smell of the fresh mountain air was more than a blessing after the stench of death in the cave. A few deep breaths helped to calm the adrenaline in his veins, as well as the urge to purge his belly.

"I say, Mirri, I much like the way yeh do business!" Belwar nodded at the Barbarian in approving respect.

"I suppose we should be on our way. That bag'a bones aint gettin any fresher."

"Fenom tanki," Mirri purred, finding herself using the elven words to express thanks.  Her battle weariness was fading and she was eager to get moving.  "This is the way we came," she said gesturing into the woodlands.

Belwar Nodded. "Let's get this dead fella strapped to Doris." Belwar began to fascen ropes to one of the mules.

Zurn went back into the cave entrance after healing Mirri to retrieve the Dannobar...or rather the bones of Dannobar. Before entering the cave he looked about warily to see if there was any potential threat that the group may not have seen. There was nothing but the few fires that spotted the darkness. At least that's how it appeared.

He entered the cave and could smell a mix of death and spring. It was an odd combination and he hoped that his reverie of the forest scent would not be tainted by this experience.

He picked up the bag and the bones within rattled together. "Come my brother. You shall have your peace in the arms of our forest mother."

Zurn hefted the bag over his shoulder and turned to head towards the mule. Before exiting he took a look back into the darkness of the hall. He felt good about the the deed that had been done as these these halls were now blessed. However, Vorntoque and his followers were still great and, in all probability, growing. This would certainly not be the last time he would be here.

With asense of purpose, Zurn strided out of the cave and to the mule. He saw that Belwar had already made space for Dannobar and had been waiting for him to bring the grim package.

As Zurn slung the bones from his shoulder he asked, "Aye Belwar...be ye thinkin we should travel through on double march before we set up camp? I mean...jus' in case there be any scouts to follow us?"

Belwar Nodded.

"Aye. I'd like to be as far from here as possible, an quickly." Belwar looked at the rest of the group.

"Tis 4 plus days to the keep from here. Wull have ta travel a bit longer than usually ta make up tha hour ah so we spent in tha cave."


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