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Thoughts of a Redeemed Soul

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The question took Belwar by complete surprse. "I, ah uh I wha?" It was clear that the conversation had spun Belwar into a completely different direction than he had expected.

"Well, sure! of course!"

Zurn hoped his point would make sense to Belwar without making any offense.

"That be a good thing, Belwar. It's important to be having something valued like that in yer life. Now, lemme ask you another question...that regard that ye be hav'n fer ye Dad...can you touch that? Can you hold it in yer hands and proove that it's there? Or do you just know tha' it is there?"

"Well of course not," Belwar said. "But has Ehlonna ever held yer hand? Has she ever thumped ye on the head? Has she ever shared a mug o ale with ye?"

Belwar paused and added "Have ye ever even seen er?"

He shook his head. "Now, I understand what feelins are, and I know what faith is... I just have trouble imaginin walkin inta battle in a house-coat with no metal tween me an my enemies. I mean, how do ye know, ye havent made her mad? How do ya know she's gonna answer yer prayers? What if she's busy... doin... goddess... things?"

Belwar's questions almost fell all over themselves. It was clear he had been thinking alot about it.



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