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Thoughts of a Redeemed Soul

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Belwar sat beside Zurn at the fire. It seemed that every night, something happened that was stranger than whatever had happened the night before...

Sol, the newcomer sat at their fire, sharing in their company. His arrival was certainly out of the ordinary. Perhaps the strangest thing Belwar had heard since he came to the surface in fact. It was because of these things that he had absolutely no trust in magic.

As soon as he thought that, his hand went instinctually to the dragon scale around his neck. Then he remembered the ring he had in his pocket... Truth be told, he could care less for the ring. He was certain that it would come in handy at some point, but Belwar would just assume someone else use it.

A thought crossed his mind, the magical staff the Bugbear had changed sizes depending on who was wielding it. He wondered if the bugbear's armor would have done the same? He shrugged...

Belwar absently polished the last bit of [ichor of Undeath] off of his boots, and he mulled the thoughts in his head, only half listening to Sol's stories. Quiet Contemplation seemed the activity of choice.



"Faith," echoed Belwar. A decent answer, he supposed. Still though, how can one put so much faith into something they didn't know for fact? It was Foolish!

"I tell ye Zurn, I do not think I've faith in anythin but me axe. I go inta battle, an I know it's in me hand, an I know it swings, and I know it kills." Belwar's tone shifted from one of certainty to one not so sure. "An until the cave, I knew nothin else. But, this... Ehlonna... Or, whatever happened... Tha wasn't small, was it..." It wasn't really a question.

"Ye don't see things like this in every day, do ye. What I do know, is I coulda chopped at tha shade of Dannobar til anvils rain from the sky, and nothin woulda happened."

Belwar looked about the campsite. Mirri sat and calmy... bathed? cleaned? perhaps "groomed" was the word... while Sol talked, not even noticing the Dwarves had engaged in a side conversation.

"Zurn, Um startin to think there may be... eh... somthin else... somethin..." Belwar's frustration was begining to wear on him. "Ach, I dunno. Ferget I said anythin."

Me an me axe, that's all there be! he said to himself.


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