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Kit's So called life


So once upon a time, I was very interested in this "Kit's Life" thread, and even contributed.

I tried to go back today and read it a bit, and I simply cannot get back into it. I get maybe four or five lines in and start to drift off in a day dream...

Once thigns are done, can we get a summary of what happened someplace? Perhaps a cliff's notes or something? I know that whatever goes on is going to be important enough that we should all know what happened, but I just cannot get through it.

I'm sure Laren would care, but Matt just can't seem to.

Cliff Notes: Kit births a Psi Crystal, and levels the better portion of Ashe's house in the doing.

Whoa. cliff sure is direct and to the point.

That could be the headlines on the "Threshold Enquirer"


--- Quote from: Matt ---Whoa. cliff sure is direct and to the point.
--- End quote ---

Comedy gold right there.


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