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The walk back to threshold was uneventful save for the occasional bandaging, breath catching and the deep blue glow that could be seen emanating from the pouch that held the Eye. It had never glowed that bright and he felt more than a bit anxious and twitchy. Laren's mind wouldn't stop. He knew that he had to destroy the Eye of Portence, but he had no idea how to do it.

The sounds of the Thornhedge seemed distant as he walked through the door, looking at the ground. He absently ordered a beer and sat at a table alone. There had to be some way to destroy that thing...

For the first time in what seemed to be hours, he looked up from the floor. It was like he'd suddenly woken up in the middle of a party. The place was rather busy.

He scanned the crowd. The mood was light. People we happy and laughing and eating. They had no idea that each day their quaint little lives were in danger.

One fellow stood out from the crowd like a plucked chicken in a grass skirt.

... he always thought that was a strange saying...

Laren caught Sayer's attention and waved him over to join him at the table.

Laren's eyes scanned the floor of the room in his immediate area. He saw the pouch on the floor a few feet away. It sat there lifeless, and more importantly light-less. Breath returned to Laren's chest.

The thought crossed Laren's mind that although Sayer was perfectly aware that Laren had just tumbled out of his chair, was considerabley unconcerned. Laren wasn't offended or anything, just found it odd.

Laren cleared his throat and let go of his chest.

"Ah," he said as he straightened his shirt, trying to remove the wrinkles he'd just created. "Oh, yes. That was my father. He's the one you're talking about? The one who has taken ill?"

Laren couldn't help cracking a bit of a grin as he bent down and picked up the pouch. He took the thing, silently cursed it for the umpteenth time ahd dropped it into his pants pocket.

"I suppose you could say he's taken ill." Laren sat back down at the small table.

"He suffered quite a bit because of this thing," he said, patting his pocket. "A woman named Crimson wants the Eye. She killed my father, and I believe she now stalks me as well. I would like to be rid of it before she finds us. If I survive destroying the Eye, I should be able to survive her visit as well."

There was really little point in sugar coating anything anymore. Laren now believed enough in Sayer's abilities with the runes that he also believed anything Sayer was not told, he would eventually figure out anyway. At least being up front about everythying would save time.

Sayer had returned his attention to the table after Laren mentioned Kit's injury.  The earth rune and moon rune were near to each other, indicating an emotional closeness.  Sayer was formulating a tactful inquiry about Laren's relationship with Kit when Laren abruptly and noisily tumbled out from his chair to the ground.

Sayer stared stupidly at Laren.  Sayer was surprised by this sudden action and was alarmed by the force that Laren's head had his the wooden floor.  Before Sayer could speak, he became even more surprised by the halfling's sudden recovery to his feet.  As Laren clutched his chest and struggled for air, Sayer reached a hand out to him but immediately withdrew it in startled surprise as Laren growled.

It was then that the answer clicked in Sayer's mind.  The Eye.  The runestones.  The reading.  "Laren, you knew the person who possessed the Eye of Portence.  You knew this person.  The Eye was given to you by this person.  Someone close to you."

Laren gasped and clutched his chest. The sudden jolt of reality shocked him so greatly it sent him toppling over backwards in his chair. His head introduced itself to the hard wooden floor with the kind of thump only a skull hitting wood could make.

He tried to quickly scramble to his feet, and after another stumble he succeeded. He grasped as his chest with both hands and breathed heavily. As the reality of what was going on set it, anger swell within him. With a gutteral grwol he considered smashing the eye against the floor like he had his head.

Anger flew away and was replaced with dread as he realized he was no longer holding the pouch containing the Eye of Portence.

As the pouch swung a dark blue light began to pulse from within through the fabric of the pouch. It was a rythmic pulse echoing the timing of a heartbeat.

In a familiar flash, Laren could suddenly see himself lying in a forest. A shot of infinite pain thundered through his body and he could see the Eye being pulled from the left side of his chest by bloodied hands.

Before he knew it, he was sitting at the table with Sayer...awake from the brief nightmare.


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