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i'm adopting the idea of giving full hit points (plus constitution hit point modifier) at the raising of every level. i must credit Phineas with this innovation...if he hadn't gotten punked by the dice so many times in the past (so i'm told), this alteration may not have existed!

so, when increasing a character's hit points upon raising a level you automatically get the maximum + const. modifier.

screw it, I quit.


--- Quote from: fraz ---That sounds fine.  I think we're all used to it this way now.  It looks like it's becoming a standard house rule for all the games now, yes?
--- End quote ---

No, the MSI GM is a hard arse, he makes you roll 2 of the class hit dice and you get to keep the highest roll.

What a bastard!  :evil:


--- Quote from: Matt ---Of course, I'm the only one IN my world...  :wink:
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Alone again... Naturaleeee.

well, in MY world, you get to add your character's age! That's what I always play an elf!!

Of course, I'm the only one IN my world...  :wink:


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