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Session 11.1 - The Escape

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After a look at the night sky, Azarian began to lead the adventurers away from the city square. Scale watched him start in the direction he was going and fell in beside him.

Erinalia, Garbha'n, and Dariooq followed. All were healed but weary, now that the blood rush incurred by this night's battle had diminished. 'If only the memories of the battle would diminish', though Erinalia. The image of the white hot oil from above cutting through the lizard woman who had been sleeping beside her in the tent was one she would not forget.

As they walked northerly, with Scale now nervously scouting a dozen paces ahead, the adventurers passed remnants of what could only be a ruined city built by giants. Enormous buildings which were devastated from some unknown ancient war stood in various states against the testiment of time and encroaching jungle.

Scale ducked, slithered and ran along the city roadways, hiding behind statues, fountains, and rubble while cautiously looking about. Each hiding spot he left the companions occupied, as they made their way slowly to the city's outer wall. An enormous structure that interupted the canopy of stars with it's massive bulk.

They were headed to a gate so huge, the Endeavor could sail through it.


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