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As the night wore on and the cacophony died, a small child's wails could be heard above the crackling of the flames. "Where's daddy?" The small voice asked plaintively. "Shut up and toast your 'croc meat' lad." came the terse answer.

Sorry. Carry on. :twisted:

The smoke preceded the growing glow that was the blaze of the now razed village. T'riad watched intensely with exhausted eyes as the noxious vapor undulated around and beyond him. Using all of his training he kept his breath shallow and suppressed coughing.

A hand of time seemed to pass and the glow of the blaze subsided almost out of his perception, he was once again falling back into darkness.

Just as he thought he may be free to move, something dashed away from some spot nearby, making a horrendous splashing noise in the lake behind him. He had not heard the anything approach, but whatever it was, it was now trying to get away fast.

Need a reply here, and possible active participation for a bit so I can get you guys moving along.

Should I be concerned that most of the posts are missing from this thread?


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