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--- Quote from: Dray ---Don't be mad that we are so anxious.
--- End quote ---

This is not the case; in fact te opposite is true: I'm very pleased (and a little frightened) that there is so much interest in this setting!  I can only hope to meet your expectations -- providing that you all keep your expectations low. :)

Don't be mad that we are so anxious. For me it is an anticipation of what a fantastic world must be on its way. For Phineas a way about him that tells me he will be a meticulous and thoughtful DM, one who doesn't leave a stone unturned in the worlds creation.

The wait will be worth it. My only request? Quit your job.  :lol:

My mistake was announcing this game before having the material ready.  I shall not repeat that mistake.

Work on Shadowlands happens daily.  I think of it day and night.  I'm missing some plot hooks; once those develop, we should be able to begin.

Oh yeah.  I probably should finish the map/land history, first.  Hm.

Status? ETA?

A story:

The eager players fidgeted restlessly at the front gate of the new carnival. All had purchased their tickets early and had camped outside the gates for nights on end, awaiting the grand opening.

However, all was not pleasant. The long wait had deteriorated the minds of the players, who could merely watch and wait helplessly as the carnival was built behind the large entry building. The building that was made to look like a cartoon character passed out on a floor.

Johan, the first to develop his character, was the quietest. Having no place to release his new character, he merely role-played him in his mind.

His brother Matt sat nearby. He was the sanest man there, since he was able to leave the camp frequently for trips to Mc'Ds.

And although Dray was wearing a dress, a man named Wildfire was in a sane frame of mind. He occupied his mind by sketching and copying details of the construction behind the gates.

Fraz was kicking freshly planted shrubs and yelling profanity over the walls at some unknown man named Mudge. "This isn't my fault!" he yelled repeatedly.

Blackspear sat in a car in the parking lot, wondering if he was invited.

One player was not there, a boy the others knew well. Himo sat at home, rolling "18" on three six-sided dice, over and over again. He would make the coolest Sorcerer/Psionicist/Fighter/Priest/Druid/Rogue that ever lived! Then he would go!


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