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A milestone was reached this evening: I've completed designing the Shadowlands map!

I'll add some finishing touches to it over the next couple of evenings, and once that is completed I will begin posting the Shadowlands Almanac.  This will be a basic summary of the western kingdoms, giving the players a feel for the setting.

Thanks again for your patience. :)

Not as of yet, sorry. :)

Any further status report?

I am finally sitting at my deak and putting the image of the MSI map onto actually polygon paper. I had done Outpost Bay before session 1, but now I am defining all of Jhaegra, which is mind-boggling in scope.

Oh my word!

I so should have done this sooner, helps define the ideas much better.

So the fact that you are finishing hte map first is a good one. Don't let our anticipation rush you, for once the final product is complete, I am sure every moment spent (waited) will be worth it in our eyes.

Well, I think it's going to suck so...

just kidding!! hehe

I can't wait myself. :)


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