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Humans - The Benefit Package?

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OOO Can I have the gurdle if flatulance!?!


--- Quote from: Dray ---How many artifacts do we start with?
--- End quote ---
Here we go.  "Belt of Bed Wetting."[/i]

Wow, that was a fantastic, speedy and well thought out response.


How many artifacts do we start with?

If you would like to begin generating your character, then here are my suggestions:

* Develop your character's physical traits, including the name, race, sex, etc. of your character.

* Character generation: roll 4d6, discarding the lowest roll.  Roll for 7 abilities, discarding the lowest.  Characters will gain maximum hit points when advancing levels (no die rolling for hit points).

* Develop a loose and flexible background for your character.  Is he wealthy?  An outcast?  Socially connected?  Also please make a simple, loose outline about what this character's goals are: what does he hope to achieve?  What does he hope to gain?  How do you envision his role in a party with four other people?

Example: Lucky Larry grew up impoverished along a river-side town.  He scraped out a living by running as a messenger. Running allowed him to grow strong and hardy over the years.


If you are human, you gain the following bonus feats:

* Specialized training: Select any one (1) cross-class skill for your character class.  This skill permantly becomes a class skill for your character.  Example: Lucky Larry, a Fighter, selects the skill "Perform: dance".  This skill is now treated as a class skill for this character.

* Advanced studies: Select two (2) of your skills that have a minimum of one (1) trained rank.  You gain +2 bonus on the first skill, and a +2 bonus on the second skill. (q.v. feats "Acrobatic", "Alertness", "Athletic", etc.)  Option: give this feat your own cool sounding name, but may wish to note, in parenthesis, that this is "advanced studies".  Example: Lucky Larry selects a +2 bonus to "Perform: dance" skill rolls, and a +2 bonus to "Jump" skill rolls. The fighter renames the feat to "Legs of the Runner (advanced studies)".


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