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Humans - The Benefit Package?

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Alrighty Phin, we have you cornered now. First question I have is this, if I play a human, what do I get?

Second is, can we start generating characters? I am busting to get this character on paper.


--- Quote from: http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20/rules/DnD3.5Index-Skills_Actions.pdf ---Crystal Keep's Skill index[/url].

They also have a long list if feats.
--- End quote ---

I'm looking through my library; where do you suggest that we look for skills outside of the PHB?

Just a reminder: you're not restricted to just the PHB for selecting skills.  Keep in mind: if your fighter is taking the skill "Spellcraft", then you should be prepared to answer some questions on your character's background! ;)


--- Quote from: Matt ---OOO Can I have the gurdle if flatulance!?!
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Wouldn't work, "a stronger spell is already active".



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