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This place is getting boring

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[05 Goodmonth (Aug) 591]

T, El, I know that I can't talk for you, but I think we need a little more help here. I'm thinking of going to Ivan and asking him to allocate two more folks. I'm thinking a hot little number in a druid (like the one that I saw across the fire at beachstock - just the right size to dance with), and...I don't really care what we get after that. :D

What do you think?


You want to eat the Halfling?

And that pigeon too.


--- Quote from: Dray ---hmph, Grush hungry, U got anything to eat halfling?
--- End quote ---

We have a new druid...

Ah yes, here is the in character discussion thread.... I mean....

hmph, Grush hungry, U got anything to eat halfling?


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