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Episode 05: A Passing

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OOC: It has been decided that Session 5 with Laren and Kit will be done as an ICD. When it is finished it will be added to the rest of the Logs that have been kept.

Threshold Session 5 - A Passing

Duthash Albyr Arkus  Valley Year 237 (May 4)

After discussing future courses of action at Jarmok's cabin, the two of you decide to get some sleep. The music that was once echoing through Threshold has already gone to rest. The air is now filled with the chirping of the peepers that is signature to the full life of the Sythus season.  You crest the turn down the hill that that leads into the town proper. From where you stand you can see the glowing lantern lights on the Rosewalk and the Wolfsong. The Spike of Fire burns ever bright on the southern end of the The Foot. The river of fire that stretches from the tower into the sky emits a low rumble that you can almost feel. There are a few house lanterns still lit but most have been snuffed for the night. The smell of young flowers dances in the light breeze and brings memories of innocent times.

Laren, you think to yourself, ‘This young girl has more things in her head than I want to know about. I never would have guessed that that she was so fogged out. Stands to reason, she's a teenage girl...they're not the stablest of creatures!’

Kit while enjoying the peaceful walk back you look down at Laren and think, 'I wonder if Laren thinks I'm loony? I’m not loony, I’m just...’ the thought becomes something that you dare not finish.

As you draw closer to the Thornhedge you see four short cloaked figures standing at the fork that the Inn spearheads. Two of the figures approach and reveal themselves. It’s Garret and Eldan, the twin halflings that you’ve befriended. They draw closer and Garret says, “Laren, Kit, lovely evening isn’t it?”

Garret lifts up his right hand revealing the steel ring around his finger and looks to you Laren and says, “Laren, through our Order we’ve found your Father. He’s got little time and he carries an object of great importance, the jewel that you spoke of. He made it as far north as Xuad’Tarn but could not travel any further, h...he’s...dying.”

Garret looked away and wipes a tear from his eye. “Eldan and I have prepared a horse for your travel. He’s a special speedy breed that Suath raises for his stables. This is Suath’s way of thanking you for helping him with the rats. Please bring it back to him in safety. His name is Razrin’Uthriniar, which means ‘Star-Sprinter’ and he answers to both names.“

“You’ll find your father in the Temple of Jeweled Light, the holy house of Sardior, in Xuad’Tarn. It should take you about a day. There are others of our Order in the Temple looking out for your father. It is a mystery as to what strikes his health. Kit, I ask that you go with him for safety, we know not where our enemies are. When you get the Eye bring it here and we’ll pass it on and out of reach of those that seek it. There are foul plots surrounding this Eye. In time they may show themselves.  Traveling with you will be Grotik and Murkin.”

The two other short cloaked figures step forward and pull back their hoods to reveal their faces. You see that they have slightly sunken eyes and a reddish skin. Their hair is black and wild. They appear to be goblins! One of them has a scar stretching from ear to mouth. He is the first to offer his hand and says in gravely voice, “Are you ready to ride? We be goin' to the north town with you.” He lifts his hand to reveal his hawk ring. “So you know tha you can trus' us.”


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Matt and Dray,

since this is actually a game session do you think it should be moved to the "Threshold Game Log" chapter?


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