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[size=18:74f44e58e9]          Himo was born in the thick forest of Ehlonna.  During his childhood his father would teach him about nature and alittle arcana. though his father thought him little about arcana Himo's travling uncle would teach him the most when he came to the forest.  As himo began to get older he started hearing strange noises in the forst so he went to the village elder for advise. The village elder had seen this many times before... He told himo everything he could about the sounds and lights he was hearing/ seeing. Himo, felling comforted by the elder advise headed home but he only half way half way home when he relized he was being wached he turned around only to find a cat folowing him around. A few years passed and himo's uncle came back with a givt for Himo. when Himo saw what it was he jumped back in amazment at what he saw before him. Himo had seen a crossbow, soild mahogany, with his name ingraved in it. Taking it he raced home grabbed his dagger, club, back pack, rations, bolts,  a madalion of his god and his money. Saying good bye to his family and town Himo set out tward the other side of the forest wich was described to him by many who have gone there. Half way through the forest is Himo's uncle as if waiting for him. Nether said nothing and himo knew he would see him in his travle to understand his newly aquired powers. Himo and his cat had left the forest and into a broad vast new world of good, evil, and magic..........[/size]