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the task at hand


When last we left, I don't really remember what we were doing other than going to find the Bog Witch... whom fraz and muj don't know yet as a "witch" ...

I would bet that she is the best bet for what is ailing belwar and Himo... I don't think that we could make it anywhere else before stuff gets bad.

it's hard to not speculate sometimes i know. however i think it would be better to deal with the immediate problem (Wendigo Belwar, Wendigo Himo, and swamp wench) than ponder the "what if's".

Why I haven't herd that name in a long time.... lets be prepared for obi swamp to be poofed away by a some thing and the gnome. That thing that attacked us the other session  :lol: is still at large. He may have went to the gnome guy and told him where we are going so we'll have to fight to get the swamp lady.

help us Obi swamp wench you're our only hope...

Yes i see where you guys are comming from but..... what if she can't we should be ready for that am I correct? :twisted:


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