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Two Dwarves at Dusk

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First Day of the New Moon: Sprouting Grass/Egg: Dusk at camp

The early spring dusk air is brisk and refreshing after the spider battle. Having made camp a few hundred yards away from the big momma spider and the green stew that was once baby spiders the troupe settles down in a small clearing and makes camp.

Folks talk amongst themselves while trying to get at least a fragment of comfort in these woods. Most of all, Valen seems right at home moving about as if he was in his living room. Belwar breaks away from the group quietly and unnoticed mostly to get away from the noise. He leans against a tree with his battle axe in his hand and stares out at the glow of a drowsy sun snuggling below the horizon.

Having noticed Belwar's more than normal grumpiness for the past few days Zurn approaches him away from the others. He sits down on a log and strectches his short arms into the air and groaning with delight as he stretches. He absently grabs a thin stick and begins poking the ground.  With a soft, quiet tone in his voice Zurn asks, "Belwar, what'sa abeen botherin' ya? The others, they amaybe concerned about yer mutterings...I know thata I am."



--- Quote from: Matt ---"An Where in the hells is he gettin berries this time a year??"
--- End quote ---

From Himo's cat - they're dingle-berries.  8O

As Zurn walks away he says "They're aearly spring berries that dunna minden the cold."

"An Where in the hells is he gettin berries this time a year??"


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