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Session 10 - Hi, I'm Zurn and this is my Pal, Melzak

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Need content, please.

Basicly dananbar, Himo, Brescht and Belwar + 3 soilder (from an original 50 solders) survive and kill off the last of the orcs Belwar (uncounsious) Himo (badly wounded) and Brescht (untouch from the looks of him) all try to pile the bodies (except for Belwar of course) Himo goes over to try and talk to Brescht. Brescht isn't in the mood to talk so Himo walks away. Himo hears rustling in the bushes (Himo readies crossbow and calls for assistance) then Zurn emerges from the bushes with Melzak.
Then startled by three spears, a loaded crossbow, and an over-sized man with a double-bladed weapon jumps into the air saying "we come in peace".
Himo demands answers to questions that is expected in an interigation. Still Himo isn't too trusting of the dwarf. The dwarf changes the subject to Belwar and atempts to heal him. (also a previous attempt was made and almost revied Belwar but 2 hit points below 0)  :P  Zurn healing Belwar (to at least 10 hit points) heals him with a crossbow near his back.  Melzack  casts color spray And flees with Dananbar. Zurn and Belwar begin to chace him. Melzack and Dananbar nearly escape a human attacking with a simatar and ax.
Himo now reaches the site where the villans escaped and quickly relizes the man who nearly stoped the villans in there tracks as the man who previously helpped the party by warning them about the brigand's attack in the camp by the stream. The party returns to the keep and the session stops there.
Anyone want to add any thing?

Anyone else have anything to add? WF? Johan?

This is skeletal and disjointed; I have nothing else to offer (this session was a long, long time ago now) :)

Let's ask Robbins!

Does he usually remember well?


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