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Session 2 - The Forest Keep


Second Session: May 16, 2003Max depth exceeded

Uh oh. Looks like something funky went down here. I don't know what "Max depth exceeded" means, and I can't find it on the support site. I think there may just be a problem with this particular thread.

I am going through these forums to make sure all other threads are in tact. So far, the first few seem to be ok. I haven't gotten very far.

Do we have anything regarding this session anywhere? I will look through what I have. I think I might have a copy of the first griznuq.com on my old computer which needs to a new power supply... I'll take my old Hard drive to work and see what I can find.

Thanks, Matt. I very likely have this in a word document somewhere, so it is not likely to be a big loss. I think that this game pre-dates those log files, and I was keeping them at that time for personal review. I think also that you kept one or two as well, eh?

I'll go looking. I hadn't noted the missing information; good catch.

Still got this anywhere Johan?

Couple of computers ago...give me time to look around.


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