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Current Events
« on: February 23, 2005, 07:57:18 AM »
Current Events

Current Year: Valley Year 237

?   Seven years ago (VY. 230) the independent state of Maruchek joined the City-state Alliance becoming the fourth city-state. *Wildfire?s Note: the other city-states are Rhohannus, The Tri-State of Vychia, and Kazbourne.

?   Recently (Queltoin Albyr Voldyn VY.236), the city-state of Rhohannus has declared war on the Wildlanders. The Prince- Garron Ravenwood- feeling that since the Wildlands were once a part of the Old Kingdom that it is, by right, his to reclaim. Some of the Baronies in Rhohannus are sympathetic with the Wildlanders feeling that the Clans were there long before the Old Kingdom and have simply claimed what was theirs? all along. The divide between the Baronies of Rhohannus in this regard has caused a civil war. The neighboring Tri-state of Vychia (consisting of the Duchy of Jarla, The Duchy of Kerr, and The Duchy of Aldebaron) and the city-state of Maruchek have yet to determine their official position on the matter.

?   Inexplicably, many clerics (of all faiths), and arcanists have died off from an unknown illness.

?   There is widespread speculation that the armies of Xanthakos, known as Shadow Riders, are planning to wage war once again.

?   Last Brak on Pimurz Gyth Syncath vy.236 a great voice echoed across the land announcing, ?I HAVE AWAKENED!!?

?   Last Rynnyx on Verindock Dracum Aryor VY.236 the moon of Istisha briefly deviated from its standard path and a beam of green light shot down and struck somewhere in the northwest.