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The After Meeting
« on: January 22, 2017, 04:06:30 PM »
The remainder of the Festival passed as it often had: revelry, song, games, reunions, good food, good drink, and good air. Bal-Jhor assumed that many present were duly affected by the message of coming war, as evidenced by the unusually high number of Gnarcheon paying duly promiscuous respect to the Great Cycle. That fire was attended quite actively throughout the night.

As Kossuth began to filter through the thick forest and the Gnarcheon began to filter out from the Grove of Needles - for the most part each heading back towards their homes - Shankaria, Ashe, Kaltya, and the Chankathur gathered for their customary After Meeting. In this august group would be discussed matters that were well beyond the privilege of any other Gnarcheon.

Bal-Jhor would need to speak with Eswarth before he left though. He would probably have to speak with Shankaria as well, and he would also like to have the opportunity to speak with Varshya. Bal-Jhor called his new friend - the one-handed half-orc - to join him a respectful distance from the closely-hudled Chankathur.

"Come, friend." He called to the orc. "It is time that you heard the story of Sharchute." He looked more closely at the half-orc then. "Or perhaps it is time that you rested." He reconsidered. "I can share that story after you've rested, and after I've spoken with my Chosen Brother, when he is done with his meeting." He pointed with his chin back to the center fire where Bareglar could see the great Centaur settling into a seemingly closed meeting with several others.

Bareglar liked the idea of rest. He agreeably settled down near the food fire that Bal-Jhor indicated. It had been quite a night indeed, and Bareglar wondered what exactly he had gotten himself into. Better this than his father's clan though.
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