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Regarding Interlude 02- Conversation on the edge of a Swamp


Okay, if you read Interlude 02 - A Conversation on the Edge of a Swamp (Forest Keep Game Log you may have come to the conclusion that I have:

The Little Girl is really Beloved.

1) She's very short and having a conversation on the edge of a swamp. Her camp was on the edge of that stinky swamp.

2) She remarked on the book and that we don't know what it's for. No other Female except Lady Corryn knows we have the book.

3) She remarked on Arlen's singing voice. Now, to my knowledge Arlen only sang when he heard Beloved sing. In fact, he sang back to her as a sign of friendship. Also, it was Arlen that talked with her the most.

4) Beloved would be the only one (besides the stunted fellow, Corryn, and Coris) that would know we were attacked by a Wendigo.

5) Beloved would be the only one that would know that we were too far away (distance and time) for a cure to the Wendigo disease since she was the one that gave us the clues to how it was to be cured.

Beloved should be renamed to Betray.

Any thoughts?

I think that it could be a book on undead. although after Lady Corryn pushed away Zurn would be rather uncomfortable opening it himself. But the curiosity is killing me. Perhaps a divination spell is in order.

unless its a book on how to destroy humans... Therefor the book would be a book on human anatomy. She would be telling the truth but not the whole truth we only asked her what the book was but we weren't specific enough. That sems more like my fathers style, to me at least.

Oh, here's another thing:

6) If the Book was just a book of human anatomy, like Beloved said it was, why would lady Corryn be so adamant about not reading it and Beloved be willing to? I should have thought more about this before. Clearly (and this has been discussed already) the book is more than Beloved has said it is.


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