Author Topic: Interlude 2 - A Conversation on the Edge of a Swamp  (Read 339 times)

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Interlude 2 - A Conversation on the Edge of a Swamp
« on: May 09, 2006, 01:53:51 PM »
?And two of them were infected by the wendigo?? The hulking form asked.

The slip of a girl smiled and answered: ?Yes. One of the dwarves and the elf. They were seeking a cure, but they are too far away for any cure to help them.?

The big warrior laughed heartily, bearing his long greenish fangs to the evening sky. ?Then there are two less to deal with.? He laughed roughly again.

?Not necessarily.? The little girl replied. ?The dwarf had a red dragon scale.?

?That is even funnier! The scale will not protect him from the curse of the Wendigo, which keeps the scale out of the hands of the others.? He laughed some more and howled at the rising moon, which had just begun its descent towards new. At length he took hold of himself again. ?They had the book, yes?? He asked.

?Oh they had the book, right enough, but they?ve no idea of what it is, or what can be done with it.?

?The better still.? He grumbled. He craned his neck around to look with deep red-pupiled eyes to a massively muscled coal-colored hound that was sniffing intently at the ground near the brambles. ?You have their scent yet?? He asked gruffly. The great black animal looked upon its master with its dark eyes and let forth a rumble that led to a deep bark. ?Only a day or so ahead.? The master said as he turned back to his hostess. ?We?ll have them before too long.?

?Have a care.? The little girl warned. ?I would like the drum player for mine, if you can manage it. He has such a lovely voice.? She mused.

?Ah yes.? He pondered. ?There were once but four of these filthy bastards. You can have the drum player, and my animal can have the cat woman. Mind you, I don?t intend to carry prisoners; you?ll have to send your people to fetch the drummer yourself, and hope that he is not so foolish as to try to fight me.? He tenderly stroked he beautiful staff with an immense furry, taloned hand. The staff was thick as a man?s wrist, made of some deep brown wood and reinforced with shiny metal bands, which could only be either mithril or adamant.

?My people are already on his tail,? she smiled mysteriously as she spoke, ?to try to recruit him.?

The big warrior rose from the small fire. He towered four times the height of the little girl, who stood barely as tall as his knee. ?Well enough.? He said. ?I?ll take my leave, my Lady. Thanks to you for the information, and I?ll try to not kill your drummer.? He laughed again as he strode purposefully towards and into the swamps. Despite their size, the warrior and his beast move silently and effortlessly through the forest.
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