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Melzac Bramblethron

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I have only one, just one negative comment. Are you sure you want to stay with the name Melzac, for as you know Melzak is a name familiar to all in the Forest Keep campaign and could cause confusion.

Want to know something funny?

Melzak Rippledorn was the name of that NPC in Forest Keep, although it could be an alias.

Your character is named Melzac Bramblethorn.

Kind of funny, you will forgive me if I make the mistake that you character is a short, high-voiced gnome the first couple of times I encounter him.   :D

Well done Himo, other than what I have said above, you are truly starting to become a full-time geek like the rest of us.

Himo, I have to say that this description evidences some significant growth (and I'm betting effort) on your part. It was a lot easier to read than many of your rushed works have been in the past. It also flows more nicely, and is better focused.

Honestly, when I read it, I had assumed that you had help from Drew in the writing (because he would ostensibly be the GM for this character).

Well done. I look forward to watching Melzak die.

I mean, thrive...yeah...that's the ticket!


--- Quote from: himo ---Ops... sorry I overlooked that i was supposed to be nothing.
--- End quote ---

Hrm... I like Phin's answer better.  Heh!  ;-)

Fine description!

For terms of game play Your sword can retain it's exquisite features but alas it doesn't cut through anything it touches (vorpal)...sorry, maybe later.

Check out my maps on Kulgar.org and let me know what city or town in Xanthakos that you'd like him to be from (Per your decription that would be the only place that he would currently have the chance to fight Xanthakos soldiers on a regular basis).

Also, try to imagine why he'd be arriving in Threshold. What brings him so far from home?

Ops... sorry I overlooked that i was supposed to be nothing.


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