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Melzac Bramblethron

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(melzac used in non-linear guild game where we got kiled by the giant zombie thingy)Hi I'd like to add mel to threshhold 1st level fighter. I have his profile ready. If O can't add him just delet the post ok well here goes nothing.

Name:Melzac BrambleThorn




Appearance:Worn and rugged. Toughened by war. Mel has seen many battles. Glaring green eyes that are the last things his enemys see. This man is a very muscular fellow. He has a visible scar below his left eye running from above it down to the bottom half of his face. Nothing about him apears to be special ecept his belt. A metal belt that looks like a silver copper mix. This is very unique. He also has a wooden pendent with the crest of the bramble thorns carved into it.  A light crossbow hangs across his back and a broad sword, in it sheath, at his waist. A sword that has won many battles and taken many lives. The sword is a mix of steel (only one side is steel) and the other side a metal that is silvery in color. Beneth the surface is a swirl of cloudy colors. Brusies purple, sea blues, earth browns, cloud greys, and the deep greens under heavy foliaged trees, that give of a bright light at the right angle. The hanle of this sword is made of rosewood inlaid with gold wire that forms an angel. This wire also gives an excelent grip to the handle of this fine wepon as well.This sword can cut through any thing it touches.  He also has a ring with a serpent with wings on it as well.  Beneth his coat he has chain armor. Melzac is aproxamitly 5'11"

Weapons: Broad sword, light crossbow.

Bio/History: Melzac grew up on the streets until he met Glen Bramble thorn, his adoptive father. When Melzac was in his mid-teens his home town was invaded by Xanthakos troops while. Defending his Home Glen was killed and the defense of the town soon crumbled. JUst before dieing Glen gave Melzac his sword and shield. MElzac swore an oath to extinguish the Xanthakos and avenge his fathers death. As one of the lucky few who escaped Mel entered the barracks and trained to become a fighter. Mel has fought numerous battles against the Xanthakos . He had aquirred his belt and his very interesting ring from the copses of fallen foes.

                 (PLease note that i had origanly created mel for threshhold and had tested him in the non linear guild game Thank you for reading this post belt dose nothing and i dont expect to take its affect into effect or visa versa)

woops.  :oops:

He's doing what through to the Valley of Mist?

Oh... I get it. Proper noun/ respect... Heh never acually crtossed my mind. Also I think Melzac would be passing through to the Vally of mists with the large traveling people passing through threshhold on his "Vacation" time. Then he saw the barrage of arrows and decided to stick around... His home town will be posted soon

You slightly miss my point. But you are correct.  :P


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