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Query: Questions for the council

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Sayer is currently at the council meeting.  Were there any questions that needed to be asked?

Sayer, being the manipulative advisor that he is, was considering planting seeds of stronger support for the group.

We're not paying for anything really... I meant more that maybe we could get Ashe some help... Just more support guys, you know?


--- Quote from: Matt ---I think the only thing that we can really ask for is equipment... better armor, weapons... Healing supplies...
--- End quote ---

Is this not the case now?  This player does not recall the initial negotiated terms of employment for the protectors of Threshold.  Are you (plural) paying for healing?  Are you paying for lodging?  Are you paying for meals?  Are you paying for equipment and repairs?

If we need to renegotiate the terms of employment, then now may be a good time to speak up.  If we're being supplied with everything that we need at no charge, then we're doing pretty well in that respect. :)

Oh, yeah. Here's a thought: Let's ask for a cadre of mutants to do the job that we're tasked with. We can get the genie to move Threshold to somewhere safe, then we can get slaves to build a great wall around Threshold and a moat that we can fill with sentient-eating sharks and alligators.

Then, we, the Protectorate, can sit back and play shuffleboard while the mutants take care of things on automatic!


What if we built a wall around threshhold or made gurd towers or something... a maot would be nice too. what do people think? cant wait to hear back


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