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Query: Kit's Life thread


I will begin my comment with a caveat: I have not read this thread, but I'm curious as to why it was edited in such a way.

No, sorry. Phin's post is from March 20, and at that time, Dray's posts had these caveats:

[OOC: EDITED by Johan, Wildfire and Dray on Monday 03-20-06]
[OOC: All posts from this point coordinated by Dray, Wildfire and Johan]

I have to assume that the question is in regards to those citations.

The answer is that none of us is alone capable of penning those posts. This is another one of those threads that isn't important to read if you don't want to.

Ah... Yeah, that make sense...

They both already have most of the thread already worked out, they're just taking time shining it up and such. That's all I know. I realize that this doesn't really answer your question though.

Perhaps he means that in some posts, Wildfire, Dray, and I collaborated on the contents? It was edited as a bit of a collaborative?

How do you mean?


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