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Dreams of a Tortured Soul

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This conversation takes place after the discussion in the tavern regarding the plan to redeem Dannobar's soul.

The night grows late and the tavern begins to shut down for the evening. The early spring night is mild as the days have gotten warmer. The scent of new blossoms faintly drifts upon the calming breeze. The sounds of peepers echoes through the night singing their praise of the breaking of the winter chill.

Zurn looks up to the twinkling stars in the great inky beyond. He closes his eyes and breathes deep and thanks Ehlonna for the pleasure of the scented air. "Aye, this vision of Dannobar's fall inta tha' darkness has me fumbled." he says to himself. "Dannobar surely would repent if'n he could. And Ehlonna...oh, my sweet Ehlonna is most troubled by his capture. Dannobar be a poor tortured soul tha' would take back all o' tha' nasty things he done." Zurn thinks. "Ehlonna methinks be callin' upon me to help a brother in need. I wanna help the man but it seems ta be a folly at this point. Still, it be tha' good an' proper thing ta be doin'...it feels right ta me. Valen spoke freely of his vision. Me, I'm not open as that. I mus' talk to Valen aboot the message Ehlonna send ta him."

Zurn walks into the shadow of the walls of the keep and waits for Valen to exit.

I'm not sure when Valen is actually going to exit since he may be caught in a conversation with Belwar in "Cetainty of Death, Small Chance of Success...". If it does take a while then he'll go see Lady Coryn and talk to Valen later. So, what's the timing on this? Johan...Dray?

Zurn chuckled at Belwars antics, "May Moradin himself sharpen yer axe. We're gonna need that hefty blade where we be goin'."

Belwar was furiously trying to get some crumbs out of his beard. He stopped and looked up. "What now? I'm afraid I missed that..."

Zurn nodded his head. He suddenly realized how exhausted he was! The night was packed with information that he needed to meditate on.

"Well, if'n ye not mind, I be needin' ta focus on this fer a bit o' time. I'm gonna go to tha temple and pray to our lady. Thank ye Lady Corryn, fer all o' yer help this night. Ye have a way aboot ye. Cap'n Coris, it's be an honor fer me to do what I can to help yer Keep and Gorna from darkness tha' will surely spread to you an yer folks."

Zurn spun to the door and said, "Vallen, we be on a mission fer our forest maiden. I'll be in tha temple if ye find tha ye be wantin' to seek her guidance. But I unnerstand ye may have yer own way o' doin' tha. Belwar, may Moradin himself sharpen yer axe!"

"Worry not, Brother." Lady Corryn responded smoothly. "I have the blessed spores and I will get them to you. You now need to talk with your comrades and entreat them in this holy duty. Visit me in the temple and I will entrust you with Her Lady's Spores before you leave."


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