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Of Roots and Races

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After being fully satisfied that Arlen was clearly losing his mind from the encounter with the Wendigo and regretful that he even mentioned the shapeshifter to him, Zurn gets up from the table in the tavern and walks outside.

"I be needin' some distance weapon", Zurn says to himself. "To many times I was caught with me breeches down needin' to strike from away and couldn't. I won't be lettin' tha' happen agin".

Passing through the courtyard he sees Urgrosh practicing his martial skill. Zurn thinks to himself, "Raised by tha' dwarves he says. Heh, and he be tellin' me that I'm not a dwarf if I don't know my clan? Jus' who does he think he is, Moradin? He might think he has the heart of a dwarf but he's got the brain of an orc!" Zurn stops and watches him for a second taking extra note that he wears the crest of Ehlonna. "Then agin, he doesn't really know me or me origins. He doesn't know that I be walkin' Ehlonna's path too. There needs ta be some explainin' and askin' methinks..."

Zurn makes his way to the weapons arsenal in the Forest Keep. He opens the door and says, "'ello? Be there anyone here?"

Zurn reactively thought, "Leave it to an Orc to be sayin' tha' thinkin' be a bad thing. Judgin' by his new approach though, he does know I what I be talking aboot. He canna be stupid..entirely."

After Urgrush had finished his routine Zurn says, "Well, now dunna be geting me wrong. Thinking be good but no when you be spinnin' tha' axe aboot. Sometimes not inna battle either. Sometimes yer wit can be savin' you too. It be dependant on tha' circumstances."

(Common) "Uh...Ok.   Move Urgrosh..."   He stares blankly lost in thought and scratches his head, giving the impression of the stupid orc.

(In dwarven) "My Da used to say, "Don't think about it.   Thinking is bad!"   I never understood that until now.   Thanks Zurn, you've helped me unravel one of those mysteries of my childhood!    Thinking ISbad!!"   Urgrosh smiles and begins to whirl his weapon subconciously and he appears much more skilled.

Zurn smirks and says, "Well, in the maater o' the weapon I be not nearly as skilled as me Da. But I'd say to not always try ta be so fancy with the thing. I might be impressive but it don't split skulls no easier. Ya know, if ya try too hard yer spinnin' and acrobatics with the weapon'll jus' be tha' much harder. Jus' sort of 'feel' your way through it. Don't be thinkin' 'bout it."

Zurn looks around him and continues, "The spirit of Ehlonna moves ye. Ye don't be thinkin' 'bout tha' now, right? It jus' does. So let tha' skill of the urgrosh move you likewise."

(In Dwarven)   With a look of sincere gratitude, the orc smiles a very toothy (tusky?) grin and says, "I appreciate yer offer.    For now I'm tryin to hold onto the damned thing.   It seems that using both ends in the same sequence is pretty dicey.    Sometimes I just lose control and send it flying in any old direction.   Any thoughts?"   Urgrosh looks at the dwarf, but he suspects that Zurn really doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to the finer points of handling the complex weapon.


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