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Certainty of death, small chance of success...

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OOC: This discussion would take place between Belwar and Valen, perhaps over a beer at the tavern...

Belwar takes a deep gulp of his stout, wipes his mouth and saturated mustache on the back of his sleeve.

?So um still not quite sure what we?re going to do down at the valley.? Belwar lets a belch out.

?We got it before with little trouble, tis true, but there were a good many people who saw us, and next thing they know is that Dannobar is dead. Not to mention Melzak is running around. They?ve likely got our likenesses etched into the minds of all those savages! I know I would!?

Belwar takes another drink and interrupts as Valen?s mouth begins to open, ?Matter of fact, the last person to see Dannobar alive aside from us WAS Melzak. Surely someone else knew he was there. He couldn?t risk letting anyone think that he killed Dannobar? He?ll surely talk! Might have even been why he was not in the camp! Maybe he fled so as not to be implicated??

?I dunno? Maybe I?m wrong, but I don?t see things going very well down there.? Belwar shrugged, ?Then again, what else could we do??

[OOC: This thread is interrupted and continued in "Dream of a Tortured Soul"]

"You have a point there Belwar, we can't simply go there and scout without being very cautious," Valen said, he put his hand to his chin and thought a few moments.

"What of the soldiers and mercenaries at this keep, could we use them if Captain Corris offered a score?" he asked more to himself then Belwar.

The humor was apparently lost on Belwar. "Why would dopb...dobbl.... do... those things pretend to be us? We're practically marked for death there... they'd be walking into their own death sentence... kind of the way we are... "

"Perhaps we could pass as Dopplegangers changed to look like ourselves? Seems to be a popular subject these past few days heh?!" Valen exclaimed with a hearty laugh and a blackslap for the dwarf.


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